Monthly Archives: May 2017

What About Me?

35811677 - sister jealous brother who eats candyThe “what about me” mentality has got to stop. It just blows me away to hear other people complain about not reaping the benefits of a nice gesture that was done for somebody else, or that they deserved to have something nice happen to them because it happened to someone else, or that another person was acknowledged for something they had a hand in. I’ve seen it happen in church, in business, in the home, and just about everywhere else I can think of.

What’s interesting is that if you ask somebody whether they want to see other people cared for, provided for, or blessed, most would emphatically say “yes.” Yet those very same people are the ones complaining that they don’t receive the same care, provision, and blessing others do.

The bottom line is that we can’t be selfish AND selfless. It’s about time we look at ourselves and consider the ways in which we view other people’s benefits and blessings. Are we truly happy for them or are we just happy because we kind of have to be because we said we’ll be happy for people in situations like that all the while deep down inside we’re hurt, envious, or angry because they got something and we didn’t.

I know that this something I struggle with from time to time. I fight often against wanting what others have. But when I take a step back, I realize that God has given me exactly what I need, and far more than what I deserve. Hopefully you can do the same.