Past, Present and Future

Everybody sins and there is no getting around it. And if that’s not bad enough, we are told that because we sin, we have to pay the penalty of death. We are totally depraved and cannot help ourselves. Thankfully God sent Jesus down to pay the penalty for those that will be saved. In one of the most incomprehensible acts the world has ever seen, our sins our erased.

But it doesn’t stop there!!!!

The more I grow in my relationship with Jesus, the less I will sin (hopefully). But I will still sin and the wages of those sins is still death. Wonderfully, Jesus’ death on the cross paid for ALL my sins (not just the past).


Today in church my pastor shared a bit on the security of our salvation. We were studying 1 Corinthians and in chapter 1, verses 7-8 the apostle Paul says Jesus will sustain us to the end. It is an awesome promise and stems from the perfect payment Jesus gave on the cross.  There are plenty of other verses in the Bible which confirm our eternal security in Jesus. Check out Colossians 1:21-23, 2 Timothy 2:11-12 and Philippians 1:6 to name a few. 

There was nothing that I did to earn my salvation.

There is nothing I can do to ever lose my salvation.

I love knowing that I am eternally secure in Jesus because while I want to live in such a way that obeys Jesus’ commands and glorifies God, I am bound to have days that just aren’t so good.

You can be confident in that too!

About Ryan Miller

I am a sinner saved by the blood of Jesus, living to glorify Him all day every day. I am a Pastor at For His Glory Community Church in Fullerton, California . Alongside me at all times is my amazing wife Michelle and my daughters, Alexis and Chloe. View all posts by Ryan Miller

3 responses to “Past, Present and Future

  • newcovenantunderstanding

    I would not take your pastor’s word on those verses, and check them out yourself in context of the whole Word of God. There is security, but not until you leave this world. Eternal Security is this – whatever state you are in at the moment of your physical death, be it in relationship with God, or not – in that state you will remain forever, you are eternally secure in that state. Apparently, your pastor does not understand the New Covenant, because the principles of the covenant state that you only have eternal life as long as you are in covenant relationship with God. He also does not understand that salvation and eternal life are two entirely different things…salvation is not eternal life, and eternal life is not salvation. Be a Berean and study God’s word yourself, friend. Peace!

  • Ryan Miller

    So what you claim is that depending on where we are at the moment of death determines whether we end up spending eternity with Jesus or Satan?

    I have studied the same verses my pastor did (as well as many other verses on the topic of salvation and security) and I respectfully have to disagree with you. I did read the “about me” page on your blog and appreciate that you feel you have found this new idea but God’s word does not teach it.

    Romans 8 is a clear picture of the process. God foreknew, predestined, called, justified and glorified. He sees all and knows all and wouldn’t waste a moment calling someone to a relationship with him if they would one day walk away (John 6:37).

    Thank you for your response and may God bless you.

    • Russ Baca

      I 100% agree with Ryan on this. Jesus is not a God of false promises and take backs. Besides, if what you do and where your at in life determines your status with Jesus then were all doomed. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Sound familiar? Christianity is not a “plus one faith” meaning its not Jesus plus something else. Its the death, burial, and ressurection of Christ and nothing else. God bless.

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