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10,000 Ways to Die

My pastor shared this morning that on a recent Barbara Walters special regarding heaven, she stated that there are now 10,000 religions in the world. 10,000 is a pretty insane number. Especially when you consider that 9,999 of them are wrong and their path to heaven is incorrect. Right now you are probably expecting that I am going to tell you why Christianity is the 1 right one. Well I am not. I am asking you to do a personal evaluation.

Are you 100% sure that your way is the right way? Is there are any doubt in your mind that you may not end up in heaven after following your religion’s doctrine? You should be positive. If you are not, you need to get with your church leader or a trusted friend and ask the hard questions. You should also be able to find some supporting historical documents to back up your beliefs and not be completely blind. Look into your literature and study it for yourself.

I read my Bible and study it for myself. I read other supporting literature including that of other religions. I can say that I am 100% positive my spot in heaven is secure and you can too!