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Thankful at the Bottom

Today was a great day. 

Normally, I come home from a Christian conference trying to get my wife to feel all the excitement I felt from the day’s speakers, worship and more. It never really works the way I envision it. First, because you just can’t communicate the spirit of God moving unless you are present. Second, I get really into things (she may say overboard) and people just don’t feel it like I do.

But this day was different because I got to experience it with her.

In this most recent season of life we gave struggled and fought to keep our financial well being above water. It hasn’t been easy and we (particularly I as the husband) haven’t done a good job keeping us breathing. But today was an example of why I can thank God for being in this season. In my old job, I wouldn’t have had priceless days like today with my wife. The only reason I treasured time before was if it allowed me to put together another business deal.


God has removed much of that from me so I could focus on the calling He has chosen for me.


I would lay down every last dollar and possession I had to spend all my days with my wife. She makes me feel like nobody else can. Her smile lights up my life like nothing else can. It’s not that I want to be in this season of struggle, but if this is what it takes to be the husband and father God called me to be then I am all in.