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Who Do You Want To Be?

We all want to be somebody or something. Whether that is a successful business professional, a great spouse/parent or a ministry leader. But any time we strive for an identity in an area like that, we set ourselves up for more stress and frustration that it’s worth. The successful professional will have many bad deals, the spouse/parent will have numerous bad days and the ministry leader will not always be able to keep up with those they serve. Then what? Then we turn to less than desirable ways of coping. Unless we don’t strive for an identity in any of those things. 

Our identity should be in Jesus Christ and Him alone. When our identity is in Jesus, we don’t have to strive to “be better”. We don’t have to get down when we struggle or fail. We know that we aren’t expected to be anything other than who God made us to be (Genesis 1:27). We know that when we struggle or fail, Jesus is right there to pick us up (1 Corinthians 1:4-8). 

So who do you want to be?

As for me, I want to be a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ.