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I Don’t Fit in the Box

When it comes to my faith I do my best to study what I hear and not just follow something or someone because they say so. Especially because now a days there is a lot of variety out there. What drives me nuts is when I get put into a box because I share some beliefs with another denomination or movement.

Believing predestination and total depravity doesn’t make me a Calvinist. It makes me a Christian who believes in predestination and total depravity.
As well, aligning myself with much of the reformed movement doesn’t mean I see Martin Luther’s word as gold.

We have to be so careful as to not throw labels on people in the church because of things like this. We criticize each other on many small issues and miss the big one. We are called to make disciples (Matt 28:19), not enemies. We need to seek ways to better work together. If we believe in the Trinity of God, salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone and the inerrancy of scripture we are playing the same team.

So that box over there, put something else in it because I don’t fit!